The Scholarship

The Mawson Lakes Fellowship Program (MLFP) provides a scholarship to assist Early Career Researchers and Australian and Japanese students undertaking honours, masters by research or doctoral studies in a relevant discipline in the areas of urban development, planning, urban design and environmental management to study overseas for up to six months in Japan or Australia.

Why Go on the MLFP

  • Discover new academic opportunities.
  • Work with some of the world’s leading international researchers on applied projects.
  • Improve your foreign language skills.
  • Uncover new perspectives, research methods and techniques.
  • Enhance you future research and career prospects.
  • Receive funding to support your exchange and the completion of your research.

The Scholarship

  • Provides South Australian recipients with a grant of A$22,000
  • Provides Japanese recipients with a grant of A$18,000
  • Scholarship funds are to assist in covering costs including travel, accommodation, food, student visa, health and travel insurance, and other charges incurred based on a stay of six months.
  • For visits shorter than 6 months the amount will be reduced pro rata.
  • Exchange candidates will normally pay all required fees to their home institution and will be exempt from tuition fees at the host institution.

Where can I go?

South Australian Candidates

Japanese Candidates

Applicants will be asked in the application process to indicate the university they wish to study at. Scholarships awarded are subject to acceptance from the selected host university.

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