About MLFP


The Mawson Lakes Fellowship Program (MLFP) was established in 1998 as a commemorative project between South Australia and Japan. It grew out of the collaboration on the Multi-Function Polis, a proposal for a new city focusing on innovation in urban development and environmental practice which gave rise to the Mawson Lakes development in northern Adelaide.

The Program was set up with funding from the South Australian Government and three of the State’s universities (Flinders University, the University of Adelaide and the University of South Australia) and MACAJ, a consortium of leading Japanese companies.

The objective of the MLFP is to provide financial support for short-term exchanges for the purpose of conducting research in urban planning, urban design, environmental management and related disciplines between the three South Australian universities (University of Adelaide, Flinders University and the University of South Australia) and selected Japanese universities.

The Program and its funds are managed by the three South Australian public universities. The governance of the Program is the responsibility of the Mawson Lakes Fellowship Program Steering Committee, which comprises of members from each participating South Australian institution.

Management of the Program rotates among the three South Australian public universities every three years. The university with responsibility for the Program shall be Flinders University, South Australia for the period 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2024, then Adelaide University for 3 years followed by the University of South Australia.

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