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Yasuhiro from Wasada UniversityPhoto of Yasuhiro

Yasuhiro is an Urban Planning Masters student from Waseda University studying at the University of Adelaide through the Mawson Lakes Fellowship program. “Through the funding I received through the MLFP I have been able to study abroad in Adelaide, Australia. I have gained an understanding of social structure and community in Adelaide and a new perspective on my studies in urban architecture and planning for a mixed culture.”Yasuhiro’s studies in Adelaide focused on the Bowden Urban Village, a new development in Adelaide which offers a mixture of residential and commercial urban living with a sustainable and community focus. “The purpose of my research is to provide recommendations which will influence the development and make the council consider the implications of a high density lifestyle for a multicultural society and consider the needs of the backgrounds of residents.”

The academic support Yasuhiro has received has allowed him to excel in his studies. “My supervisor takes care of me very well and other lecturers and staff within Adelaide University have also been very supportive. My supervisor’s areas of expertise aligned with my studies and he is always quick to offer advice.”

During Yasuhiro’s time in Adelaide he has made multiple friends from many different backgrounds. “The friends I have made have been the personal highlight of this whole experience.”

Yasuhiro’s experiences in Adelaide on the MLFP program have shaped his future career prospects. “I now aspire to work internationally and connect with more issues in residential and community living. I will use the skills I have learnt in Adelaide to contribute to the profession of urban architecture and planning.”

Myles from the University of South AustraliaPhoto of Myles Graham

Myles participated in the MLFP program while enrolled as a student at the University of South Australia and chose to research renewable energy in the context of urban planning, including energy efficiency through urban design and planning mechanisms.Having previously worked in Japan teaching English, Myles had witnessed firsthand the incredible degree of technological and cultural development in Japan and saw great opportunity to learn from this academically. “It seemed like very fertile ground for me to both research a specific technical area of interest, as well as get a better understanding of a unique culture.”

The MLFP scholarship funding allowed Myles to prioritise his research. “I didn’t need to earn a wage, 100% of my work time was spent interviewing people, doing desktop research, reading and attending seminars.”

“The one thing I have learnt is that new experiences can influence your life in ways you cannot possibly anticipate, especially relating to your career. My time in Japan not only gave me an area of specific refined knowledge but also helped me crystallise my thinking around urban planning more generally. I have since become an Urban Planner and maintain a keen interest in Japan and Japanese culture. “

Myles encourages others to participate in a once in a life time opportunity. “It is a big commitment but one that will affect your life in a profound way. It is a very well established program that strikes an excellent balance between structure and freedom. Japan is a fascinating place that we can learn a lot from”

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